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POSITIVITY: Ways to Keep it Up & Going!

Article by: Adrita Chowdhury | Edited by: Atri Das | Illustrations: Roshmija Biswas

"What we think is what we attract and breed"

This well known advice reflects the true nature of thoughts and reflects on how powerful our thoughts can be. The things on which we decide to invest our time, energy and thoughts are the things from which we gain returns. Hence it depends on us, what we want to harvest in the course of our life. We are simply not just handed over a happy life, we need to build it, the foundation of which should be a positive and optimistic outlook.

Glass half full or half empty

The only thing we need is to train our mind, train it to see the glass half full, as the happiness of our lives largely depends on the quality of our thoughts. Striving to progress in life rather than perfecting it should be our aim, as perfection is an illusion and probably one of the most subjective things which exists. Focusing on the within rather than the without heals us from the faulty conditioning we have been subjected to from our childhood. Unlearning all the negative patterns in our lives not only contributes to our quality of life but also to our peace of mind. Focus on not letting the world take away the softness, kindness and sweetness away from you.

It is completely normal to struggle to have a positive view specially in difficult times hence summing up a few ways which lends you a hand to keep positive:

1) Being a humanitarian

Try living for those moments when somebody appreciates you for your good heart, The moment when you feel bundles of confidence and goodwill running through your veins. The amount of satisfaction it brings you is immeasurable, hence living for repeated experiences of this kind of satisfaction will bring the best out of you. Keep continuing the tradition of ‘goodness’.

2) Always believe on yourself

Retrospection of maturity is nothing but understanding and believing yourself and the world around. It’s about how confident you are in every situation and how positively you are able to tackle it. Just by believing in yourself you can achieve great heights, as it is very well known that it’s all in the mind!

3) Concentration

More the time we invest in ourselves, the more we tend to observe the finer things in life, concentration should not only be academic or achievement oriented but should be injected in all aspects of life. This provides us with a meditative approach to live our life with peace and fulfillment. Concentrating on the little things in life helps us to clear the clogs in our mind making us feel fresh and motivated to begin the day with positivity.

4) Wiping out negative thoughts

Have you ever noticed the small fraction of thought which comes to our mind soothing us in a situation of crisis? Studies have proved if you try focusing on that thought, it magnifies it, eventually wiping out the negative thought. The last thing to do in a situation of crisis is to cling to the negative aspect of the problem. Having a more positive outlook in a situation of crisis not only helps us in effectively solving the problem but also frees us from the shackles of pessimism. It is a very well known fact that once we taste peace, we would do anything to protect it, and wiping out negative thoughts is just a pebble on our path. Always remember that we have control over our mind and not the other way round.

5) Being humble

Beginning with the quote that says “ Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real”. People in this generation tend to dwell in the illusion of their materialistic achievements and pretentious lifestyle. Being humble, modest and kind are probably the best things one can do to achieve higher levels of spiritual fulfillment. Having a simple minimalist lifestyle, helping the ones in need, wishing well for everyone shows much more than expensive leather and large quantities of paper notes. Corresponding to this Roosevelt said, “ Keep your eyes on the stars and feet on the ground.”

6) Following your purpose

Just following your instinct makes you closer to your purpose in life. Going on with the flow while staying true to yourself helps us to discover what we are born for. Try finding yourself by just being still, introspecting, finding what you are good at and by keeping a track of your thoughts. Maintaining a journal works miracles!

What is more positive than becoming the best version of yourself ?



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