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What is Art Therapy Marathon?

Art Therapy Marathon is a unique series specially focusing on art based tools widely used for introspection and in therapy/counselling practices. Since art is one of the easiest and fluid mediums of self expression, these tools come in handy to let stuck clients express more safely. Art based techniques for introspection are great windows to one's mind and it becomes easier to unfold the inner conflicts without threat. This special series incluyde tons of resources on art based techniques, mindfulness tools, guided meditation scripts and play based techniques for children. All resources will be uploaded on social media and weekly free meeting invites will be sent out. Monthly participation certificates will be given out free of cost for those who register and submit their work.

Who can benefit?

Anyone and everyone who wants to benefit through fun art based tools. This is a healing journey which will continue year round and everyone is free to join till our groups fill up.

Do I need to be an artist or know art?

No. Process is important, not the product. In short, you need not be an artist to implement the amazing tools. The process you engage in is more important.


How or why I get a certificate?

Once you register and actively engage (comment, submit work, tag) we will send out FREE digital certificates of participation every month. Winners of quizzes, contests, poster making will be awarded with additional certificates and prizes. You will get certificates for encouraging more participation and appreciating your involvement with us and your hard work. 


Assignment link:

Is the certificate free?

Yes, it is free of cost. We do not charge anything. Your certificate will be mailed to your registered e-mail id. 

Do I need to register?

Yes, registration is mandatory. Following our social media platforms is appreciated. Click here to follow YoutubeFacebook, Instagram, Linkedin


Why is this series free?

We strive to extend this new concept of art based techniques so that people may benefit from this. The techniques are user friendly and our aim is to reach out to as many people as possible. We would greatly appreciate if you follow us on social media which would immensely help us feel motivated and run more meaningful free courses for a greater number of people to learn and implement. Knowledge never ceases if you share. 


What are the basic steps?

- Join our whatsapp/telegram group (mandatory because we send notifications and this acts like a support group) Don't worry we never spam you)

- Register through the registration link here

- Follow our social media as we would be uploading content 

- Engage and submit your work 

- Attend weekly meetings (free)

- Get certificates mailed to you every month (free of cost)

Have more questions? Call us 9875571412 or drop us a mail

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