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The Garden Adventure - Art & Story Telling technique in Therapy & Self-exploration 

This is a great art therapy technique which incorporates elements of story telling and CBT to give clarity about an individuals coping styles and problem solving patterns. The entire process has four parts which wraps up with problem solving indexing and unfolding the meanings of the unconscious. Get recordings, PDFs and support with symbol glossary!

Check our reviews below! Rated 4.7 by batch I

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Workshop Registration
(The Garden Adventure)

Details mailed on registration.

Expect a mail to reach you right away from EmoJar. Don't forget to check the spam folder in case you can't find us! We promise we never spam

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Activity Glimpse

The four elements will be the theme of the story and the technique!

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Art in Therapy

FREE Level 1 Certification

Level II Coming Up!

Few of the many reviews! 4.7 rating overall! Don't miss it!

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