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Tanvi Trivedi

SoulScribe Tanvi

  • 30 minutes
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About Me

Greetings! I'm Tanvi Trivedi, a passionate and dedicated trainee psychologist with a solid commitment to supporting individuals through their emotional journey. I believe in the transformative power of therapy and its ability to foster growth, healing, and self-discovery. My approach to therapy is eclectic and client-centred, allowing me to tailor my methods to best meet each individual's unique needs and preferences. My expertise lies in merging diverse approaches to create a holistic and effective therapeutic experience for my clients. I firmly advocate for an interdisciplinary approach, drawing insights from fields such as biopsychology, cognition, and possessing a trauma-informed lens, and incorporating parts of Indian psychology for cultural sensitivity. By embracing elements from biopsychology, I strive to comprehend the intricate interplay between biological processes and psychological well-being. An exploration of cognition enriches my understanding of thought patterns and cognitive distortions, empowering clients to navigate them effectively. I sincerely appreciate the cultural and spiritual dimensions that influence mental well-being in the Indian context. Beyond having a keen interest in psychology, I'm an avid reader and a film enthusiast. I also treasure spending quality time with friends, like meeting over a cup of tea and exchanging ideas. Embracing Emojar's mission, I offer sessions to ensure mental health support is accessible to everyone. If you're seeking a compassionate guide for growth or simply a thoughtful exchange, I'm here to accompany you on this journey and listen to you with a nonjudgemental attitude. Areas of Specialization: • Dealing with Grief • Self-Esteem and Emotional Regulation • Anger and Stress Management • Mood and Anxiety Disorders • Trauma Work • Cognition and Biopsychology

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