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Project Unbind

FREE Vent Out Sessions

🌼 Introducing a Safe Haven for Your Emotions: FREE Vent Out Sessions 🌼

In the bustling chaos of life, sometimes all we need is a moment to release, to let our feelings flow freely, and to find solace in the warmth of understanding hearts. Welcome to our FREE Vent Out Sessions, a nurturing sanctuary brought to you by Emojar. It is a small initiative from us to normalize the concept of mental health. Reach out if you feel talking and venting out would help you unburden the stress. We would be happy to schedule a session with you. 

Our mission is to normalize mental health. Many of us struggle with inner conflicts, stress, guilt, self doubt and frustrations on a everyday basis and never find a place to vent, discuss and off load with trust. Many fear the weight of judgement that further us bury and bottle our emotions. That definately does more harm than good. Thus, we with the vision of normalising talking about mental health, extend complimentary vent out sessions for anyone seeking help and some direction in life. Please click on the link below to register and book a slot.


🌟Your Feelings Matter: Life's challenges weigh heavy, but you're not alone. Our counselors offer empathy and a virtual shoulder. Battling stress, anxiety, sadness? We listen, judgment-free.

🌈 Safe Unburdening: Our Vent Out Sessions are your non-judgmental haven. Pour out freely. Find comfort for intense emotions.

🤝 Connect and Heal: Engage in heartfelt conversations. SOULSCRIBES guide you to healing and growth.

🕊️ Discover Inner Peace: Offload, make space for positivity.

🌟Together, We Heal: Judgment-free comfort and compassion.

Embrace Relief: Step towards emotional well-being. Experience profound release.

How it Works: Book FREE Vent Out Session. Our SOULSCRIBES are here to listen.

Step 1: Register here (3 free sessions per person within three months). Before booking read through our terms and conditions first.

Step 2: Select date, time and SoulScribe mascot

Step 3: Step into your ventout space via the link sent to your mail inbox either through audio or video call


Team Emojar

PS. Please note that this service is absolutely free of charge. All information relating to the session is kept confidential and is used for learning purposes only without compromising on confidentiality. In case your are feeling suicidal or experiencing violent emotions, please reach out to your medical advisor immediately. These sessions are only meant for offloading emotions and is not to be considered as fully structured therapy/counselling sessions. Through these sessions we aim to enable you to unburden and gain personal insight without any external advise.  Please read our terms and conditions before booking the sessions. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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