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Nidhi Sahgal

Counselling Psychologist

  • 45 min
  • 899 Indian rupees
  • Online

About Me

Total years of experience: 6+ Areas of expertise/specializations: anger, depression, parenting, ADHD, anxiety, sleep, stress, eating disorder. Types of cases dealt with and comfortable with: anxiety, stressed, relationship issues, children and adolescent, depression Hobbies/other engagements/interest areas: Reading, Travelling, Correspondence, meeting new people, Enjoy Music and Movies, Cooking, Dancing and playing Piano, Social Networking, Spending time with children, Computer Savvy, Color therapy, Play and dance therapy. A short bio My objective is to become an efficient Psychologist and understand a Child’s potential with my Child Psychology background. I’m an enthusiastic person wanting to make the best in my career by changing lives. A strong woman who believes in time management and discipline as the two most important qualities in a being. Wanting to be of help to others by passing on the message that mental health awareness is as important as physical health. I bring out the best in my clients by imparting all that I have into young minds while playing the role of a Teacher, Counsellor, Parenting Coach, and Remedial Educator. She has a deep inclination towards Humanistic Therapy and tends to deliver a combination of Client-centred therapy along with SFBT, CBT, Play therapy, and uses different Assessment tools and many more therapies. I also use Colours in therapy as they help in emotional healing. Lately, I have dealt with a lot of children and adults getting stressed due to Covid. I also do Career Counselling and Guidance. Languages known: English and Hindi Awards/merits: Life Membership of Counsellors Council Of India,  Internship by iTeach in 2015  Member of the National Service Scheme of Government of India. by Pune University in 2011  Understanding teacher by THE KLINE MEMORIAL SCHOOL in 2016  Various NGO'S by THE REWACHAND BHOJWANI ACADEMY in 2010 Quotes she believes in  “What a child can do in cooperation today, he can do alone tomorrow.” - Lev Vygotsky Your take on mental health: I personally feel mental health should be a priority as its extremely important, we should not suppress our emotions rather validate them and understand as to why we are feeling what we are feeling. There’s a connection between mind, body and soul. Taking out time for oneself is a great step towards maintaining a good mental health.

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