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Anukrita Bharaktiya

Counselling Psychologist

  • 45 minutes
  • 500 Indian rupees
  • Online

About Me

Total Years of Experience: 1.5 years Areas of Expertise: Art Therapy for Anxiety and Stress, Teenage and Young Adults Issues, Stress Management, Career Counseling Types of cases dealt with: Anxiety cases, Depression cases, Stress Management, Teenage and Young Adults Issues, Career Counseling Hobbies: Sketching, Doodling, Reading, Writing articles and poems, singing Other Engagements: Working as a Trainee Counselor at Talk Remedies, Indore; Associated with Madhya Pradesh government as a Career Counselor Interest Areas: Art Therapy, Military Psychology, Relationship Counseling Short Bio: Ms. Anukrita Bharaktiya has always been a keen observer and a patient listener. Being sensitive and empathetic towards the needs of the people and always willing to help them in the best possible way, she chose to pursue her career in the field of psychology. She completed her graduation in Psychology from Sophia College for Women, Mumbai and post- graduation in Clinical Psychology from D.A.V.V. Indore. She did her internship as a Junior Psychologist in Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi and Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon.Currently, she is working as a Trainee Counselor at Talk Remedies, Indore. She is also associated with M.P. Govt. as a Career Counselor. Languages Known: English, Hindi Quotes you believe in: • Guts and Glory, legend and story. • Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the most wonderful things that ever happen to us. Take on mental health: Mental health is more important now than ever before. Mental health, It’s the way your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors affect your life. When we focus on it, every aspect of life can be better off. The importance of good mental health ripples into everything we do, think, or say. Maintaining it is crucial to stabilizing constructive behaviors, emotions, and thoughts. Focusing on mental health care can increase productivity, enhance our self-image, and improve relationships. Nurturing mental health doesn’t just let us perform better in our daily functions. It can also help us control — or at least combat — some of the physical health problems directly linked to mental health conditions. Yet, mental health isn’t just something we can deal with once and then get over. It’s important in every stage of our life. From infancy all the way into adulthood — mental health is something we need to be cognizant of and handle with care.

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