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Anoushka Ghosh

Counselling Psychologist | Vent-Out Mascot

  • 45 min
  • 600 Indian rupees
  • Online

About Me

Areas of expertise: Career Counseling Grief Counselling Relationship Issues Stress Management Anxiety & Stress Children Young Adults and Adults Languages known English, Hindi and Bengali Types of cases dealt with and comfortable with Grief & Loss Relationship Issues Self Image Depression Body Image Career Counseling Adolescent Counseling Couple counseling Family Counseling Stress & Anxiety Cases Children with Special Needs SLD Issues AUD Cases. Hobbies/other engagements/interest areas I have always been intent towards cooking and immersing myself in the whole procedure. I love cooking as a process as well as I enjoy feeding others as it brings me joy. I enjoy swimming as a sport, being in the water is liberating. While all of the above do encompass most of my time, I also do enjoy listening to music and reading books. I also like to keep myself updated with world affairs and current news. A short bio about yourself Hello, my name is Anoushka Ghosh and I am a counseling psychologist natively based out of Kolkata currently residing in Lucknow. I have gained specialized training in mental health counseling, psychological first aid, positive psychology, transactional analysis, career and vocational counseling skills and multicultural counseling skills. I have an electric approach to therapy combining humanistic and integrative CBT. Quotes I believe in “Life is a sculpture that you cast as you make mistakes and learn from them.” Your take on mental health I have been studying and engaging with psychology for 8 years now. It’s like food for my brain. I live mostly in my head all the time. I observe and find patterns of behavior without biases and judgements which I feel helps my clients get a clear perspective. I can’t stress it enough but ultimately psychology helps you to help yourself because I have experienced it for myself that once you get entwined with psychology you’ll understand the beauty of self discovery and practice. The main reason for which I truly love psychology is that it’s subjective as well as objective. Everyone’s experience of things and events are different in their ways but are also connected with similar traits among others. I know in this journey of my love for psychology, understanding the mind is a great challenge and psychology is just a great tool to give us insight into it.

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